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Staff 2020/2021

Innovative programs that meet the needs of all our students are taught by our dedicated and professional staff who care about your child.

Office and Custodial Staff

Principal - Ms. M. Kamendy
Administrative Assistant - Mrs. P. Serabian
Custodian - Mrs. R. Adams

Classroom Teachers

KDG1 - Mrs. C. Winger/Ms. J. Nicholls (DECE)

KDG2 - Mrs. J. Koopman

E.A. - Mrs. L. Grano

E.A. - Mrs. S. Anderson

E.A. - Ms. S. Terrio

Grade 1 - Mrs. J. Lukacsy

Grade 2/3 - Ms. N. Munro
Grade 2/3 - Ms. S. Madden
Grade 4/5 - Mrs. J. Barrick
Grade 5/6 - Ms. S. Foster

Grade 7 - Mr. J. Rabideau
Grade 8 - Ms. L. Riedke

SSP (Structured Strategies Program) - Ms. A. Cecchin

SSP - E.A. - Mrs. M. Elliott

SSP - E.A. - Mr. R. Smith

FSL - Mrs. L. Jensen
Prep - Mr. P. Lorenz

Learning Resource - Mrs. L. Jensen/Ms. C. Tufnell
Youth Counsellor Mrs.Tara Rossi

Social Worker - Mrs. L. Ralston
LUNCHROOM SUPERVISOR Mrs. B. Weaver and Mrs. J. Wood

Instructional Coach Ms. K. Bergsma