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School Council

At Steele Street Public School, we believe that parents are important and make a real difference to children's learning. When parents are involved children do better and achieve more. School Council allows everyone involved in school life - parents, learners, teachers, school staff and the wider community to work together to support the school.

Thank you endlessly for all that you do!

The School Advisory Council makes Steele Street what it is today: a vibrant, fun school filled with rich activities. Here are just some of their contributions:

*All fundraising, Book Fairs

* Meetings are held once a month, virtually or at the school (dependent on Public Health guidelines).

To inquire about becoming a member of our school council, please call Steele Street Public School at (905) 834-4333, or send us an email. Our School Council Chair is Grant Munday and his contact is gmunday@sympatico.ca


September 2022 Minutes

Nov Council minutes - 2022

Dec School Council Minutes - 2022

Jan. School Council Minutes - 2023

May School Council Minutes 2023